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Return Of A Citizen Of Arden

06 May 2015

Posted by mehlbaum97 in Announcements

Hello there fellow citizens,


Some of you may recognize me, some of you may not.

If you do not know me: Don't worry, i created this post especially for you.


I am here to tell you more about me and what i will be doing to the server.

But before i go into any details, here are some Q&A's to give you some more information:


What is your name?

My name is Mehlbaum97, but you may always call me mehl as i will react to that.


How old are you?

I am currently 17 years old.


Who are you?

I am a student from The Netherlands, also i am learning to be an application developer.


What is your current status on the server?

Currently i am a builder. i will be helping with the creation of structures, towns, events and many more.

There will be a lot off things that (together with the other builders) i will be making.


Why did you leave the server?

simply because the server began to feel empty.

And because off that, i felt bored while playing on it.


Why did you come back and how long do you plan to stay?

While scrolling through my game list i came across minecraft, needless to say i felt the urge to play it.

And while i searched for a server to join, i remembered this one, since it was always a lot of fun.


Plan to stay??? i plan to make the server populair again. 

And if people will join, so will i stay. so its basically up to you guys. 


Will we be hearing more from you?

what a question. Off course you will.


Also if you wish to ask me another question, just comment on this message.

I will try to answer your question, that is if you ask me a normal/usefull question.




Now that you know that about me, i will be telling you a small thing about the server.

I will not tell you much about it because i do not want to say too much.


Currently there is a lot of maintenance on the server.

There are a few people working hard to make a stable, pretty and fun server.

While we enjoy doing this, it is difficult to create huge projects with so little people.

We are working on the server with hope that many people will join us.


I ask you this:

If you've read this post and also wish to restore the server, leave a comment and tell us how you wish to help.

It is always nice to see old faces again.

And if you are completely new to this server, and also wish to help, just create an account, and leave a comment as well.

New faces are just as much welcome as old ones.


I hope this message inspired you to react/play/help.

And it will make me happy knowing that there are still people who wish to join me on Kingdoms of Arden.


My name is Mehlbaum97, and i hope to hear from you guys!


See you later!!!

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Map Reset Megapost

11 Nov 2014

Posted by xXDarkM1n3rXx in Announcements

In late November or early December 'Sponge' will be released, which is a replacement for the server software called 'Bukkit' which all of our plugins rely on. When it is released Andrew will be working on porting all of our current plugins to work on Sponge and he will then do a full reset of the server, which will include things such as the maps, power and hero levels. The factions plugin will also be replaced by another plugin which may or may not include old popular faction features such as 'faction' warps, prisons and 'faction' announcements. Along with the map reset there will be new biomes introduced in the map generation, including the volcano biome which was meant to be in the first map. 


When the reset happens there will be a massive advertising campaign to help boost server population for the new map. Andrew and I will be discussing ways we could advertise the server and if you have any ideas leave a comment detailing what you have in mind. A thing a lot of people may be wondering about is the SpawnTown Project, wondering about things like what happened to it and is it still going on. When the server went down for a week all of the builders ceased to come on, leaving a lot of work for me to do. Due to this I slowly stopped working on it until I stopped completely. Although the project isn't officially closed I am most likely not going to be working on it. Instead we're most likely going to alter and modify buildings from a 'free' map and use that for the spawn.


If you have any questions regarding about the reset or any questions about the rest of the information in this post please leave a comment and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

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Project Dayz

12 Oct 2014

Posted by xXDarkM1n3rXx in Announcements

Hello everybody, Over the last few weeks Andrew and I have been discussing the possibility of having a separate Dayz map. We started actually working on it a few days ago and I've been given the green light to announce that it's gonna happen. The map will consist entirely of a city that has been randomly generated and will also have it's own plugins and mob behavior.  The map will reset every 6 months and with every new map that is released there'll be new features and buildings that were designed by me. The map may be released next week, but it's not guaranteed and will likely be released on a different server port at first due to sponge not being developed yet, although later maps will be on the same server.


Here are several pictures of the map:






*Clarification: It's a dayz map for minecraft, not the arma 2 mod.

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Client Compatibility Update

22 Sep 2014

Posted by xXDarkM1n3rXx in Announcements

It is now possible to play on the server with the 1.8 client. You won't be able to use any of the new blocks or specific features but you will be able to get the fps boost that the 1.8 client provides.

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