Summer Is Almost Over

So, six months have passed since the start of the AfterKraft Project, and four months since KraftRPG started development. A lot has happened in that time, people have voiced opinions and some realities have been faced. It should be known that AfterKraft is not going to have the immediate goal of becoming a large networked server, nor is it going to become the next “big server” that all the players are joining.

I, gabizou, have thought long and hard about this, and it is really not in my best interests to make AfterKraft my day job… ever… I’m continuing my education in Computer Science, and I should focus on that. If the server is large enough that it needs some more people, I’m sure the community will elect someone to fill my shoes and manage the server with more energy than I can give. Having said that, AfterKraft will make it’s public release in the near future as a simple, community centered RPG server with some cool features to make AfterKraft’s experience like no other.

The release might take a month, it might take two, but everyone should know, that at any time, I will be consumed with my education and other things in real life that I will have to delegate much of the priorities to other people.

Here’s to hoping for a pleasant end of the summer of 2014, and soon to be the start of the Fall.

Development on KraftRPG Begins!

I’m happy to announce that KraftRPG, soon to be the pride and joy of AfterKraft, has begun development.

I am working with a few people who so far are helping in develop the necessary API and other plugins to make KraftRPG a well though out and designed RPG plugin for Bukkit.

Some quick links about KraftRPG:

KraftRPG-API source
KraftRPG source
KraftRPG-API javadocs

KraftRPG Resources (includes public skills and more)

Main Website and Forums are now attached!

I’m happy to announce that the main website is now linked to our . A few things to note about what this does:

  • Single sign on for the Website and the Forums
  • Logging in on the website will authenticate with the forums
  • All website posts will be synced with the forums in proper categories with support for commenting both on the website and the forums
  • Comments on posts from the forums will show up as comments on the website and vice versa


At some point in the future, the website will be receiving upgrades in a both visual and services sense.